hi im jams welcome to my webzone.
i make weird art and talk to the silly little people in my computer

this website does not function on mobile! some pages may contain eyestrain or flashing images.
i do not have the time nor energy to add alt text to decorative images/artwork. sorry!
this website contains a lot of small text, but zooming in with the browser usually works fine!


  • 2023/10/7 forgot to update this when i did it but i changed some of my hoard pages. i also added a names list to my misc page and linked it from my about
  • 2023/7/19 i forgot to update last time i updated my art page but. thats all im doing this time too. i also forgot to mention last time i updated my splatoon badge gallery whoops Oh ok nvm i also added a comments section and my misc page and made my abt page less strobey.
  • 2023/02/15 BANNER!!! also updated my 2023 art page
  • 2023/02/03 remembered to update this box. i added more pages to my project moon page a while back, the dates should be there for those. today, though, i just updated my 2kki shrine to have a few more images
  • 2023/01/02 added the update box. also added a commissions page and the fun page (though its rather empty) and updated my links + a few other minor edits (edit: i also added the art gallery and a placeholder for a blog which i may or may not use)


  • heres where i might put blog posts in the future, not sure yet. as such theres no posts yet sorry


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