who is this idiot anyway?

wouldnt you like to know!

hi im jams!or occasionally devlin, mostly when naming player characters in games. considering taking up even more names. no one will stop me, after all
i am 16 years old [nov 5 2004]
they/them or it/its
i have described my gender by such terms as "stick figure" and "lobotomy corporation level 5 agent". the reality is far stranger
and my sense of self is even worse!
adhd + theres probably something else going on but idk yet
i have very strange and bad tastes! i am clinically fucking insane and there is probably something wrong with my brain wiring that makes me enjoy all the wrong shit! keep that in mind when talking to me
there is a line between genius and lunatic, and i walk it. i am somewhere between fiction and reality. i tried to talk to a god through roblox once. and i am having sex with your mother
basically i have embraced everything and if you put me on cringetopia i will laugh and selfpost in the comments
i plan on releasing an rpg maker game in the future! (maybe two if i finish that test project) progress is slow, but my passion hasnt run out yet, so thats a good sign
i dont really have a consistent aesthetic. i prefer to be more versatile. my dream is to be able to evoke whatever aura i decide to at any given point in time.