commission info

do you want to purchase art from me? here is an easy guide on how

my commissions sheet for ms paint art. open in new tab to view

ms paint prices:

(prices depending on size/complexity, may go lower or higher)

no/accent colourflat colourshading
pencil tool$5-10$15-20$25-35
pencil brush$10-15$20-30$30-40
paint tools/combination$10-20$25-40$40-50

※the price range for uncoloured shaded pencil brush art is the same as for flat colour

for pricing and to make sure you get what you want, please specify:

non ms paint

stuff like this:

open in new tab to view. see also: my art page

sketch/lineartflat colourshading
aliased brush$15-20$30-50$40-70
antialiased brush$15-25$40-60$50-90

i put a higher upper bound for prices here to account for variances in design/scene/pose complexity. same specifications as above apply. i am not very proficient at lineless paintings so bear with me

ms paint sketch page

stuff like this:

open in new tab to view.

whatever i feel like
whatever i want$20-50 depending on how big a canvas you want

pick a character/characters and ill just go kinda ham on a page for a while. i may raise the price depending on character complexity

ask about:

i am not formally listing prices for these, but you can ask me about it and we can work something out

what i will draw

gorefull-on nsfw*
body horrordetailed mecha/armour/crustaceans
weird/unusual subjectsobvious fetish art*
normal shit i GUESSrealism

*unless i know you and your concept appeals to me on a personal level. at the moment im not comfortable doing porn for strangers

contact me through discord at onychophorum. please mention the commission in your message request or i will block you under the assumption that you are a scammer.
payment is through kofi atm because i do not know how to do it through any other service

should the client decide to change or adjust the commissioned works through the use of machine learning or derived technologies, i will consider this an automatic purchase of exclusive rights and charge the standard fee per artwork. please inquire about the exact fee for your commission in advance